Chakra Spa

The Chakra Spa provides body care service centered on energy balance. In the human body there are 7 chakras that have an important effect or energy balancing, assited by natural care product that will spoil the body, body soul, & mind

Signature Balinese Massage

A Populer Traditional Balinese Massage that uses combination of thumbs and palms as the therapeutic of touch to relax muscle, improve blood circulation and the same time releases inner tension

60" Rp. 480.000

90" Rp. 700.000

120" Rp. 950.000

Sensation Aromatheraphy Massage

Treatment designed to relieve muscle tension and soul. Begins with the clicking Tibetan Singing Bowl that helps balance the energy and mind. The combination of warm aromatheraphy oils and gentle massage movement centered tired points that make you more relaxeed and energized

60" Rp. 480.000

90" Rp. 700.000

120" Rp. 950.000

Balancing Chakra Facial

Using BIOKOS exclusive range of Certified Organic that are tailored to your skin type and rock crystal chakra to cleaner negative aura and energy balance 60" Rp. 750.000

Javanese Lulur Spa

Traditional treatment of java, which stems from traditional massage followed by Lulur Javanese traditional function is to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. Then you are spoiled with flower bath that serves refreshing and smooting. 120" Rp. 1.100.000

Chakra Spa

Treat your self to combination of foot refelxiology and aromatherapy massage to smooth your blood circulation, followed by removal of dead skin cells with traditional javanese lulur by flower bath. terminated by caring for the beauty of facial skin through natural facials. 180" Rp. 1.850.000

Hair Treatment

Hair Blow : 60 mins Rp. 200K

Hair Spa : 90 mins Rp. 300K

Hair Creambath MKZ : 90 min Rp. 250K

Hair Cut Man : Rp. 200K

Hari Cut Woman Short : Rp. 200K

Hair Cut Woman Medium : Rp. 250K

Hair Cut Long : Rp. 300K

Hair Briding Kids Medium : Rp. 200K

Hair Briding Kids Long : Rp. 300K

Hair Brinding Additional : Rp. 7500/each

Hair Do : Start from Rp. 200K

Beauty Treatment

Express Manicure : 30 mins Rp. 150K

Express Pedicure : 30 mins Rp. 175K

Luxury Spa Manicure OPI : 60 mins Rp. 250K

Luxury Spa Pedicure OPI : 60 mins Rp. 275K

Luxury Spa Manicure Shellac : 60 mins Rp. 300K

Luxury Spa Pedicure Shellac : 60 mins Rp. 325K

Nail Art : 30 mins Rp. 200K

Ratus : 30 mins Rp. Rp. 200K

Full Leg Wax : 60 mins Rp. 350K

Half Leg Wax : 30 mins Rp. 275K

Brazillian Wax : 60 mins Rp. 300K

Bikini Wax : 30 mins Rp. 275K

Full Arm Wax : 45 mins Rp. 250K

Half Arm Wax : 30 mins Rp. 200K

Under Arm Wax : 30 mins Rp. 200K

Upper Lip/Chin/Eyebrown : 15 mins Rp. 200K

Luxury Beauty Package : 120 mins Rp. 625K